The platform for building the future. is a place to run web apps, freeing up teams to focus on writing code that meets user needs. It provides a faster, safer, standard way to change web apps without impacting the user. It also provides real-time visibility and insight into web app usage, performance, and behaviour.

Combined, this makes it easy for government to release, monitor and grow user-facing digital services.

Industry standard technology, best-practice approach is built with the industry leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology Cloud Foundry, running on top of Amazon Web Services in the Sydney region.

To help teams release changes faster and more safely, all changes to production are done through a fully automated Continuous Delivery pipeline:

Myth: Organisations must choose between speed and reliability.

Fact: High-performing IT organizations deploy 30x more frequently, with 200x shorter lead times; they have 60x fewer failures and recover 168x faster.

2015 State of DevOps report

Secure and scalable

AWS is IRAP certified and accredited by the Australian Signals Directorate up to Protected, and are listed on the ASD Certified Cloud Services List (CCSL).

ASD provide extensive written advice about using public cloud infrastructure.

The team follow AWS best practices for DDoS resilency.

Find out more about risks, myths, and misconceptions when using IaaS providers like AWS in government.

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