User management

How to add, remove and change user permissions.

Before you can assign a role to a team member they must have a account. The team creates new user accounts. Lodge a support ticket requesting to add a new user to

Manage your team

Only an Org Manager or Space Manager can assign, edit and remove user roles for an Org or Space.

If you're an Org Manager or Space Manager, here's how to give roles to your teammates to give them permissions for your orgs and spaces. For details about how org and space roles and permissions work, see Cloud Foundry roles and permissions.

First make sure you have installed the CloudFoundry Command Line tools:

cf -v

Assign user roles

Assign a role to a CloudFoundry user to add them to your project.

Remove users

Remove a user from an Org or Space by unsetting their permissions.

For a complete list of roles and permissions see the Cloud Foundry guide to Org and Space Roles.