Login to CloudFoundry

How to login to CloudFoundry

Before you can login you will need to:

If you are starting a new project then you will need to Request a new project

If you need access to an existing project then ask the projects CloudFoundry maintainer. This is usually the Delivery Manager or Tech Lead. If you get stuck you can send us a support ticket.

Login to your project

cf login -a https://api.system.y.cld.gov.au

You will then need to enter your email address and password.

Select your project from the list of available Orgs and Spaces.

You can also define your login options all at once with:

cf login -a https://api.system.y.cld.gov.au -u <email> -o <org> -s <space>
cf login -a https://api.system.y.cld.gov.au --sso

Please note: DTA users must login with their digital.gov.au account using single sign-on.

cf login -a https://api.system.y.cld.gov.au --sso

How to target a different project

cf target -o <org> -s <space>

The <org> is the CloudFoundry organisation. This is usually the name of the project.

The <space> is the CloudFoundry space. This is usually the name of the application.

For example:

cf target -o digital-marketplace -s marketplace-frontend

Now you can deploy and manage your application from the Command Line.