Sending Emails

How to send emails using’s smtp service. has a resilient, highly available smtp service.

If your application has been deployed, you can use this service to send outbound emails.

Currently, there is no capability to receive emails.

Accessing this service

  1. Please lodge a request by emailing Make sure you include the email address that all emails will be coming from.
  2. We’ll create an account and add your domain (if it hasn’t been already) to the DKIM setup and send you the credentials along with some dns TXT records for SPF & DKIM.
  3. Please make sure these dns records are adjusted to help your emails get delivered.

Using the service

You should configure your application to use the following settings:

Port: 587
Encryption: STARTTLS
AUTH Username: whole email address
AUTH Pass: Your password will be sent to you via sms.


There is no access to smtp logging at this stage.

This service is for unclassified use only. No DLM markers will be applied.